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Wen Wen Zhang

Start date

Mar 2010

Submission date

Dec 2015

Wen Wen Zhang

Wen Wen Zhang profile photo


Transition from University to Work: Dilemmas and Challenges Faced by Graduate Unemployed Youth in Shanghai, China


The aim of this PhD project is to conduct a deep, focused and qualitative study of the struggles and dilemmas of unemployed and underemployed university graduates in Shanghai

Why my research is important

This phenomenon of unemployed graduates is quite new in China, and has been a hot topic in the Chinese press recently. Previous research has mainly concentrated on analysing the causes of the phenomenon and then trying to suggest countermeasures to solve it. There is a need to hear the unemployed graduates’ voices and to look at this phenomenon through a transition framework. I plan to do my research from the perspective of the graduates’ own experience of the transition, and to explore the challenges and struggles they are facing, and also to understand what this experience means to them.