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Weina Fan

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Start date

Dec 2009

Submission date

Jan 2015

Weina Fan

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Six Women Poets of the Modernist Period: A Comparative Analysis


In my thesis, I intend to study the works of six women poets, two from Australia, two from England and two from America, published from 1910 until the outbreak of the Second World War in 1939. This is the period when the movement of Modernism was in its prime. This study has several aims. I will first analyze the literary achievement of these six women poets; through that analysis, I intend to acquire a clearer sense of the literary achievement of women poets of the period and to clarify the extent to which literary Modernism assisted or hindered that achievement; I will attempt to obtain a fuller sense of the poetic activity of the period through considering poets neglected because they were women, non-Modernists, or both; I will also offer a comparative study of the importance of Modernism in the works of women poets in three different English-speaking countries.

Why my research is important

In literary studies, women’s poetry of the period 1910-1939 is mainly read through the lens of Modernism and sometimes of Feminism. My research will offer a comparative analysis of six women poets of the period in relation to their own aims and other traditions in English poetry.


  • CSC-UWA Scholarship