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Thi Tuyet Ngo

Phone: (+61 8) 6488 1882

Start date

Mar 2007

Submission date

Jan 2011

Thi Tuyet Ngo

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Translation of temporal and aspectual information in literary text between Vietnamese and English


This study investigated the translation of temporal and aspectual information between Vietnamese, a language that does not have tense and only marks aspect lexically and optionally, and English, a richly tensed language with a rich aspect system. The main aims of the study were to find out how English tenses/aspects were chosen to explicitly express the original temporal and aspectual information, which is mostly implicit in the Vietnamese source texts (ST), and to find out if and how Vietnamese aspectuo-temporal devices were utilized to convey the temporal and aspectual information, which is explicitly expressed by tenses and aspects in the English ST. The secondary aim of the study was to examine the meanings and functions of Vietnamese temporal and aspectual devices, which have not been well studied in previous research and have been under much debate, in discourse using real data.

Why my research is important

This thesis is important for a number of reasons. Firstly, it gives a full account of the Vietnamese system of address and reference, which has not been studied extensively using real data. The examination of temporal and aspectual expressions in different discourse modes using real data is expected to give more insights into the functions and meanings of the Vietnamese temporal and aspectual resources, which have been very much debatable between the traditional and modern views. The study thus hopes to reconcile the conflicts.

Secondly, the examination of the Vietnamese temporal and aspectual resources in close comparison with the English temporal and aspectual resources is expected to provide useful information for translators of Vietnamese-English or English-Vietnamese texts in finding the most closely corresponding temporal and/or aspectual structure(s) in one language to convey the information expressed by a temporal and/or aspectual structure in the other language.


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