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Stephanie Neubronner

Phone: (+61 8) 6488 2851
Fax: (+61 8) 6488 1062

Start date

Feb 2011

Submission date

Aug 2016

Stephanie Neubronner

Stephanie Neubronner profile photo


National Transformation and the Limits of Agency: Singapore’s Developing National Identity, New Media and its Generation Y


In defining the limits of agency and the methods used to exercise choice, this dissertation is aimed at determining the influence of the internet and social network media on the potential for change in Singapore.

An analysis of the motives, meanings, and significance behind the actions of Singapore’s young adult generation will be carried out to determine if the statements and ‘campaigns’ exemplified via new media are the younger generation’s newfound way of engaging and contributing to their community, or if new media are being utilised merely as a channel to amplify dissatisfaction. My targeted research group is young adult Singaporeans between the ages of 21 to 35 years.

Why my research is important

One of the benefits of my research includes a clearer idea of the impact new media has in crystallising ideas, individual empowerment, and constructions of national identity, enabling a deeper understanding of how individuals think about social processes and transform social constructs and identities as strategising members of society. The findings of this research will also inform, and perhaps challenge, participants’ understandings of the social practices and outlooks they have grown accustomed to, and thus, enhance their awareness of the way they are using new electronic media and social networking sites.


  • Scholarship for International Research Fees, UWA
  • University Postgraduate Award (International Students), UWA
  • Safety-Net Top-Up Scholarship, UWA