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Irma Riyani

Phone: (+61 8) 6488 7249
Fax: (+61 4) 6937 3548

Start date

Apr 2011

Submission date

Apr 2016

Irma Riyani

Irma Riyani profile photo


The Silent Desire: Islam, Women's Sexuality and the Politics of Patriarchy in Indonesia


This study will examine the relationship between Islamic teachings on sexuality and Muslim married women’s perceptions of these teachings. The study will also examine the relationship between these perceptions and women’s stated behavior in their marital sexual relationships in Indonesia. This will include the examination of gender relations and sexuality organized by, and in, society as well as in married life.

Why my research is important

This study will contribute to the study of the sexual life of married couple, a research area that has attracted very little attention from scholars of contemporary Indonesia. This study will also make a contribution to the body of knowledge on the religious construction of female sexuality in Indonesia, with a particular emphasis on married women’s sexuality. It will also contribute new knowledge on women’s understanding of their sexuality and their sexual practice.


  • Directorate General of Higher Education (DIKTI scholarship), Indonesian Ministry of Education