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Muhammad Tariq Moj

Phone: (+61 4) 0601 9875

Start date

Jul 2010

Submission date

Jul 2014

Muhammad Tariq Moj


Countercultural Tendencies in Madaris: A Comparison of Values and Attitudes of Students of Religious and Mainstream Educational Institutions in Pakistan


This project studies the growth and evolution of Deobandi Madaris, from the countercultural perspective. Milton Yinger’s counterculture theory provides the conceptual framework for this project.

Deoband Madrassah Movement (DMM) has been interpreted from different perspectives. The existing literature on DMM has explained this movement mainly from two perspectives. The first is the political interpretation, which focuses on the efforts of DMM to establish Islamic state and implement Sharia. The second perspective is based on ‘interiorization’ thesis, which sees DMM as religious reform movement more concerned with perfection of faith and moral development of ordinary Muslims, and less with assertion of political agenda.

Taking lead from the ‘interiorization’ perspective, this project introduces a third perspective by interpreting DMM from a socio-cultural standpoint. It focuses the conflict of Deobandi movement with the social customs and cultural practices of folk Islam in the subcontinent. This conflict has been studied in the countercultural context.

Why my research is important

The major aim of this project is to study the history and evolution of Deobandi madaris as a counterculture in the sub-continent. As such, this project shall greatly help in understanding the madrassah mindset in Pakistan.

Besides that, the project shall indicate towards the impact of madaris on the social order and their potential for social change in Pakistan.

Apart from broadening the knowledge base, the findings of this project are likely to help in better public policy making in Pakistan vis-a-vis religious education and extremism.


  • Endeavour Award