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Michael Blanchard

Start date

Jan 2008

Submission date

Nov 2012

Michael Blanchard


The Detail of Control: Digital technologies and the appareils de securité.


A careful reassessment of Michel Foucault’s later courses on security diminishes the explanatory potential of Deleuze’s ‘Postscript’; this is clear given how the use of the electronic profile produces a precautionary attitude to risk that, in fact, makes use of imagination as a way of solving contemporary social problems. While imagination may mobilise the very worst prejudices, myths, and superstitions, a sober acknowledgement of how susceptible even the most dispiriting forms of control are to attitudinal changes in risk management does recover some hope for the future. Despite producing techniques of managing risk that produce systems too big to fail, systems reliant on databases are extremely sensitive to the use of imagination. This thesis is an attempt to establish a conceptual heritage adequate to the politics of digital technologies and the forms of continuous and open control that their use engenders.

Why my research is important

This research aims to recover, rehabilitate, and invent a philosophy adequate to the politics of digital technologies


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