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Lucia Clayton

Phone: (+61 8) 6488 2896


Start date

Mar 2016

Submission date

Mar 2020

Lucia Clayton

Lucia Clayton  profile photo


Images in place: a spatial analysis of Volcanic Tablelands rock art


The research project will investigate how people in the past situated themselves in the environment in the North American Great Basin. This will be undertaken with a spatial analysis of the archaeological assemblage. The research will focus on a series of rock art sites on the Volcanic Tablelands, California, to examine the choices people made in the location of rock art and other archaeologically visible features over time, and whether the rock art assemblage can be associated with these features.

Why my research is important

A comprehensive contextualisation of the rock art assemblage has not been undertaken in the Volcanic Tablelands. The proposed research will provide information regarding the Volcanic Tablelands rock art that will complement information gathered from archaeological excavations and surveys. The research will also provide an original contribution to knowledge in the form of the definition of a Volcanic Tablelands rock art style. Rock art analysis on the Volcanic Tablelands has previously been limited to a mostly descriptive exercise; focus has been on identifying diagnostic projectile points and sequences in the deposit, while ignoring the rich and extensive rock art assemblage present at sites across the Volcanic Tablelands. The study area provides a rare and rich opportunity to investigate how the rock art is associated with the archaeological deposit, which will provide an original contribution to knowledge of North American rock art.


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