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Jasmin Korte


Start date

May 2015

Submission date

May 2018


Jasmin Korte

Jasmin Korte profile photo


The Remote Community Closure Debate


In November 2014 the Western Australian Premier, Colin Barnett, announced his intention to reform the way the government provided essential services to the state’s remote Indigenous communities. He highlighted the potential closure of up to 150 of the state’s 274 communities. In May 2015 the government launched the ‘Regional Services Reform’, which it has described as a long-term reform process involving consultation and no plan to carry out large-scale community closures. Community anxiety regarding the potential closure of some remote Indigenous communities, however, remains high.

Why my research is important

Closing communities could have a significant impact on the lives of many remote community residents and may also impact the populations of larger regional and remote communities. The varied demography, culture and historical background of each of Western Australia’s remote communities sets unique challenges for policy-makers in this area. As such, further research in this area is required to establish what the potential outcomes of such policy decisions could be for remote community residents and for the state of Western Australia.


  • Australian Postgraduate Award (APA)