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Hasrul Hashim

Start date

Feb 2016

Submission date

Aug 2019

Hasrul Hashim

Hasrul Hashim profile photo


Techno-creativity VS Narrative Techno-enhancement : Comparative Case Studies on the Usage of Digital Visual Effects (DVFx) in Asia-Australia Countries


My research project aims to contribute to the existing research on digital visual effects (DVFx) technology and creativity in film narrative which have arisen from the revolution of technology. In this perspective, DVFx provides new kind of creativity based on technology to the creative visual presentation (techno-creativity) and creative narrative enhancement (techno-enhancement). Specifically, it compares the usage and impact on DVFx among filmmakers in Malaysia, India, Korea, and Australia’s creative film industries to enhance creative storytelling and techno-creativity among production teams. In addition to functioning as techno-enhancement in narrative structure, the emergence of DVFx opens the exploration of value in creativity by either the team members (sources) or the work produced. Therefore, this research aims to study the impact of DVFx on creativity, techno-enhancement and its implications to the transnational creative content industry’s development. First, this study will examine and compare the DVFx usage trend in selected films produced by Malaysia, Korea, India and Australia from 2010 until 2015. Secondly, this research will focus on how experts use DVFx to enhance their creativity, and finally, this study also aims to identify new tastes in audiences regarding the DVFx spectacular elements between these countries.

Why my research is important

The aim of doing this comparative case study is to find the nexus or series of connections concerning the techno-creativity and film narrative in Asia and Australia's creative industries caused by the revolution of digital visual effects (DVfx). From a simple understanding, this study will give a suitable space to some practical institutions and real sources to form a connection system of digital visual representation for those countries.


  • Ministry of Higher Education Malaysia & The National University of Malaysia