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Gemma Bothe

Phone: (+61 4) 2994 1886

Start date

Feb 2012

Submission date

Apr 2016


Curriculum vitae

Gemma Bothe CV
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Updated 29 May 2015

Gemma Bothe

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Go write your own story: an exploration of online fan fiction and authorship through the themes of authority, conflict and legitimacy


My thesis is exploring the conception of online community through an examination of those who read and write fan fiction. Online fan fiction has often been referred to as a community. However this claim has not been actively interrogated. Through a variety of online qualitative research methods my thesis seeks to examine the practices of those who read and write fan fiction through the lens of 'community' in order to determine- what is an online community? And is online fan fiction a community?

Why my research is important

My thesis examines the question- what is an online community? Can online community exist? These are increasingly pertinent questions and people live an increasing proportion of their live online, or mediated through technology.


  • PSA President's Scholarship
  • Overseas Travel Award
  • Local Travel Award
  • UWA Safety-Net Top-Up Scholarship
  • University Postgraduate Award