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Carol Kaplanian

Phone: (+61 8) 6488 4555

Start date

Feb 2008

Submission date

Feb 2014

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Carol Kaplanian CV
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Updated 16 Nov 2010

Carol Kaplanian

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A social policy analysis of honour killings in Jordan


This thesis is an examination of the policies surrounding so called honour killings in the Parliament of Jordan. The candidate is conducting an in depth qualitative study in Jordan by examining court cases as well as parliamentary debates. Research was collected through in-depth interviews with individuals who shape policies surrounding the topic of honour based violence in Jordan.

This thesis aims to understand this complex issue through a socio-political lens. In doing so, the candidate will interview individuals involved in policy making, as well as examine issues surrounding culture, religion, law, gender and the construction of honour within the Jordanian society.

Why my research is important

The subject of crimes committed in the name of honour is one which is considered taboo in many societies around the world. This thesis aim to develop original knowledge on this complex issue by shedding light on the way policies are constructed within the Jordanian society and how this impacts on the lives of those living within it. This study aims to understand the issue on a multitude of levels, which is vital for highlighting such crimes within the Jordanian community.

Furthermore, the topic of honour based violence is an emerging issue in Australia, and Western Australia. The findings of this research will have a global and a local implementation as cultural relativism and diffusion is relevant in this case. The candidate is already implementing knowledge from this research through her consultancy role within WA Policy, and previous roles taken within various government agencies.


  • APA scholarship and Grace Vaughn Award for 2010