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Brian Pranata

Phone: (+61 4) 4916 1108

Start date

Jul 2015

Submission date

Jul 2019

Brian Pranata

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Understanding Academic Cheating in Senior Secondary Schools in Indonesia and Its Relation to Corruption


Indonesia is considered a country with a systemic corruption problem (Transparency International, 2014; Transparency International, 2015), and the Indonesian government has indicated that the country’s corruption is caused by, among other things, academic cheating. A number of policies have been developed to address academic cheating, with the implementation of the National Examination Integrity Index the most recent intervention. As yet, there is almost no research on cheating in Indonesian schools, nor on how schools are dealing with the problem, nor on how students, teachers, and principals are being affected by policies, and in particular the Index. By conducting ethnographic studies in two senior secondary schools, in Semarang and Bandung, this research will examine the prevalent forms of academic cheating in Indonesian schools and schools’ response to government policies.

Why my research is important

This research is intended to provide an understanding of how the country’s academic cheating problem and culture of corruption are reinforcing each other.


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