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Education for a Tolerant and Multicultural Indonesia

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Updated 24 Nov 2017

This project asks how education has been used to unite Indonesia, and aims to show how education can contribute towards the establishment of a stable, tolerant and multicultural Indonesia.

We are a multicultural and inter-disciplinary team of researchers, and we will build on our fieldwork experience in different regions of Indonesia, to:
  1. examine how education has been used as a tool of the nation-state for national unification, ethnic and religious integration and identity-construction, both under the New Order (1966-1998) and since;

  2. investigate how schooling works as a process, via the twin articulations of home-and-school and community-and-school, to express national and particular religious and ethnic identities;

  3. examine which types of schooling in diverse community contexts foster religious and ethnic tolerance;

  4. examine the complex relation between the state and religion as it is played out in the field of education;

  5. analyse attempts at inter-religious education and gauge their potential for Indonesia as a whole; and, looking to the future,

  6. examine and recommend ways that education can create peaceful and tolerant Indonesian citizens who accept and value ethnic and racial difference.
This research will contribute to critical knowledge in three primary areas: Indonesian Education Studies, Islamic Education and Multicultural Citizenship. The main significance of the project is its contribution towards a multicultural and peaceful Indonesia through the study of education.

This is a major research project funded by an Australia Research Council Discovery Grant.