School of Social Sciences

Asian Studies

We research a range of contemporary and historical topics as well as languages.

Research themes

  • Contemporary Indonesian politics and society
  • Gender and youth issues in Indonesia
  • Feminism and women’s activism in Singapore
  • Migrant worker organisation in Singapore
  • Environmental issues in Asia
  • Popular and youth culture in Japan and Asia
  • Constructions of genders and sexualities in Asia
  • Multicultural policy in Japan and Asia
  • Social and political history of Southeast Asia
  • Social change and politics in contemporary China
  • Gender, sexuality and identity in contemporary China
  • Cultural policy and practice in South Korea
  • Cosmetic surgery and appearances in South Korea
  • Contemporary South and North Korean literatures
  • Translation and intercultural studies

Research areas

Project funding

Australian Research Council grants:

Australian Learning and Teaching Council grant (as part of a team)

  • Engineering education for social and environmental justice.