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UWA Archaeology and the Centre for Rock Art Research and Management has more than a dozen Staff, 15 Adjuncts, 55 Postgraduate students, and more than 150 Undergraduate students. This makes UWA one of Australia's largest centres for Archaeology.

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Adjunct Staff/Faculty

PhD Candidates

  • Victoria Anderson, PhD candidate - Rock art of the mid-Holocene marine transgression on the Dampier Archipelago. Supervisors: Jo McDonald, Alistair Paterson and Ken Mulvaney
  • Emma Beckett, PhD candidate - Stone arrangements of the Dampier Archipelago. Supervisors: Jo McDonald, Joe Dortch and Tom Whitley
  • Megan Berry, PhD candidate - Utilizing Rock art and archaeology to understand lifeways on Murujuga (Dampier Archipelago) from the Pleistocene onwards. Supervisors: Jo McDonald and Peter Veth
  • Chae Byrne, PhD candidate - Palaecology and paleoethnobotany, Barrow Island, Western Australia. Supervisor: Peter Veth
  • Lucia Clayton, PhD candidate
  • Andrew Cooper, PhD candidate - Ecological perspectives on Holocene landscape use in Australia's arid zone: Supervisors: Alistair Paterson, Tom Whitley and Joe Dortch
  • Kane Ditchfield, PhD candidate - Pleistocene human-environmental on Barrow Island, NW Australia Supervisors: Peter Veth and Jane Balme
  • Jane Fyfe, PhD candidate - Old art, new styles? Social networks and alliances, identity and ideology in rock, southern Kimberley, Australia. Supervisor: Jane Balme and Jo McDonald
  • Liesel Gentilli, M. Phil Forensic Science & PhD candidate Forensic Science - A-ICP-MS Analysis of Spanish Silver Discovered in Association with Six Ships Wrecked off the Coast of Western Australia in the 17th, 18th and 19th Centuries
  • Sam Harper, PhD candidate - Rock Art, mythological narratives and linguistics of the Port Hedland region. Supervisors: Jo McDonald and Peter Veth
  • Fiona Kost, PhD candidate  - Prehistoric Noongar fire management and ecology in Southwestern Australia. Supervisors: Jane Balme and John Dodson (ANSTO & UWA SEGS).
  • Laura Mayer, PhD candidate - Authenticity in 3D: a study of the use of rock art reconstructions and replications in cultural and tourism organisations. Supervisors: Jo McDonald and Ben Smith
  • Maddy McAllister, PhD candidate - Virtual Diving: Analysis of the archaeological value in image-based digital 3D site visualisations of underwater shipwrecks in Western Australia. Supervisors: Alistair Paterson, Jeremy Green, Paul Bourke (University of NSW) and Jo McDonald
  • Carly Monks, PhD candidate - Holocene palaeoecological change and Aboriginal resource exploitation in the northern Swan coastal plain. Supervisors: Joe Dortch and Jane Balme
  • Mark Polzer, PhD candidate - The Bajo de la Campana shipwreck: Phoenician trade, colonisation and cultural interactions in Iron Age Spain. Supervisor: Alistair Paterson
  • Wendy Reynen, PhD Candidate - New insights into the Dynamics of Human Behaviour during the Last Glacial Maximum and Late Pleistocene in the Pilbara, Northwest Australia. Supervisors: Jane Balme and Peter Veth.
  • Jane Skippington, PhD candidate - Reconstructing palaeo-environments and seasonality of occupation through isotopic and trace element analyses at Boodie Cave, Barrow Island, Western Australia. Supervisor: Peter Veth
  • Jo Thomson, PhD candidate - An investigation of the valuation and significance assessment process for Indigenous archaeological sites in Western Australia. Supervisor: Ben Smith, Tom Whitley and Jo McDonald.
  • Dorcas Vannieuwenhuyse, PhD candidate - Microscale geoarchaeological approaches to Pleistocene and Holocene sequences in the Kimberley, Australia. Supervisor: Jane Balme
  • Beth Velliky, PhD candidate. Supervisors: Ben Smith, Martin Porr and Jo McDonald.

Masters by Research

  • Ross Anderson, MA candidate - The history and archaeology of sealing and whaling in the Archipelago of the Recherche, Western Australia. Supervisors: Alistair Paterson and Wendy van Duivenvoorde (Flinders)
  • Vivienne Brown,  MA candidate - Tool-stone resourcing in the Weld Range, Western Australia. Supervisors: Jane Balme and Vicky Winton COMPLETED 2015
  • Lucia Clayton Martinez, MA candidate - From Landscape to Seascape: a Spatial Analysis of Murujuga Rock Art, Western Pilbara. Supervisor: Jo McDonald and Alistair Paterson COMPLETED 2015
  • Jacqueline MatthewsMA candidate - Learning about Lithics: Social Learning and the Study of Australian Aboriginal Lithic Technology. Supervisors: Peter Veth and Martin Porr 

 Masters by Coursework


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