School of Social Sciences

Political Science and International Relations

Our research and teaching explore the politics and governance of our complex, dynamic, and globalised world. We are passionate about training students to responsibly tackle our world's political challenges.


The Political Science and International Relations major at UWA is an exciting program of study that enables students to develop a core understanding of our complex world.

Exploring a range of contemporary issues and challenges facing governments, peoples, and international organisations, we examine and compare political systems, and politics and relations in a range of countries and regions across the world.


High achieving graduates can continue study at UWA to complete a 4th year Honours program

Our honours students explore a range of contemporary issues and challenges facing governments, peoples, and international organisations - including terrorism and political violence, global financial crises, interstate rivalry and relations, migration, gender and economic inequality, development, and environmental politics.


Our postgraduate courses provide you with an understanding of the academic fields and real-world developments of international relations, international law, international development, and public policy, especially in the Indo-Pacific region.

Career Opportunities

Trained in critical thinking, problem-solving, research and analysis, cross-cultural awareness, and oral and written communication skills, students are prepared for a wide range of occupations. Our graduates often go on to policy and research positions in international, national and local government agencies; in the private sector and in non-governmental and community organisations; in parliament, political parties and electoral agencies; and to careers in law, the media and the education sector.

Research Areas

  • International Relations and Politics in the Indo-Pacific
  • Public Policy and Public Administration
  • Security and Strategic Studies
  • International Political Economy and Development
  • Gender and Social Inclusion
  • Political Science

Seminar Series

Looking to learn more about Political Science and International Relations or find out what our staff and students are up? Head down to our seminar series and expand your knowledge.

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Our Staff

Assoc Prof Jeannette Taylor

Discipline Chair
Research Expertise:

performance management in the public sector, public sector human resource management, public sector corruption

Dr Katie Attwell

Research Expertise:

politics of gender; politics of health (antivaccination); nationalism

Prof Mark Beeson

Research Expertise:

international relations, international security, regionalism

Dr Alan Bloomfield

Research Expertise:

Indian foreign policy; Australia's strategic culture; norm dynamics theories and humanitarian intervention

Assoc Prof Jie Chen

Research Expertise:

China and Taiwan - specifically relations between Greater China and Transnational Social Movements

Ky Gentry

Research Expertise:

Human Rights, politics of heritage, international society

Dr Kelly Gerard

Research Expertise:

global political economy; social movements and political activism; aid and development policymaking in Southeast Asia

Dr David Mickler

Research Expertise:

Africa’s regional and international relations; the African Union; Australia-Africa engagement

Prof Samina Yasmeen

Research Expertise:

Pakistan Domestic and Foreign Policy; Islamisation in South Asia and the Middle East; Muslim Minorities in the West

Our Current Postgrads

Apriwan A.

political economy of Indonesia's climate policy - domestic and international challenges

Seth Appiah-Mensah

leveraging Pan-African security regimes

Shevaun Drislane

No Fault Compensation for Adverse Effects Following Vaccination

Isaac Mensah

peace and security in Africa (counter-terrorism)

Ella Prihatini

women's political representation in Asia


transnational Islam and peacebuilding in Papua, Indonesia

Flavia Zimmermann

honour cultures in the Australian diaspora

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