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Media and Communication

Media and Communication is one of the most exciting and rapidly evolving areas of study in today's media-driven world. Communication tools and concepts are transforming the way we think about our identities, relationships and communities, from language to screen, and from emoji to social networks. Study at UWA provides essential theoretical knowledge as well as practical communication skills for students.


If you are passionate about using your communication skills and engaging with digital media then our degree may be what you are looking for.

Explore the theory and practice of the internet, video production, games and professional media writing, and learn more about the history and politics of media messages. This major provides you with practice communication and digital media skills, along with essential theoretical knowledge, to help you engage with and develop a critical understanding of complex media environments.


Further develop your understanding of the field by enroling in our Commmunication and Media Studies Honours course.

Introducing you to sophisticated disciplinary concepts and texts while developing your theoretical, creative, and practical media skills, students will work on an original major research project. This involves the development of research skills, including preparation of research proposals and critical bibliographies, acquisition of research materials and consideration of method.


With both coursework and research options, we invite students to work with us.

Career Opportunities

The Good Universities Guide places our graduates starting salary in the top 20% of students, with high marks in employment and starting Salary. Our flexible offerings are designed to support students who want to develop their critical thinking and content production and management skills. Career options include communications advisers, editors, journalists, marketing specialists, PR professionals, and web designers.

Research Areas

  • Media Cultures and Technologies
  • Critical Approaches to Media and Communication
  • The Politics of Public Communication/Communication and Media Ethics

Seminar Series

Looking to learn more about Media and Communication or find out what our staff and students are up? Head down to our seminar series and expand your knowledge.

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Our Staff

Steven Maras

Discipline Chair
Research Expertise:

media communication ethics and critical practise; objectivity in journalism; screenwriting research; philosophy of communication; history of media and communication studies

Katarina Damjanov

Research Expertise:

digital technologies; media cultures; robotics and AI

Helen Fordham

Research Expertise:

public service journalism and media criticism; strategic communications and political communications; public intellectualism as social activism

Tauel Harper

Research Expertise:

public communication; digital media; critical theory

David Savat

Research Expertise:

Philosophy of technology and digital media; surveillance, data, and power; Deleuze, Guattari, schizoanalysis; games and play

Our Current Postgrads

Ezmieralda Melissa

social media and political outsiders in Indonesian electoral politics

Sian Tomkinson

gender and the gamer identity

Hasrul Hashim

digital visual effects in Malaysia, India and Australia

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