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Language is at the core of what it means to be human; it is central to so much of what we do and how we interact with other people in our everyday lives. Linguistics at UWA excels in transformative teaching and innovative research. We are keen to share our passion and knowledge about human language, develop future leaders in our fields, and complement any area of study where language plays a role.


Award-winning teaching coupled with outstanding externally funded scholarship and key international collaborations, makes UWA Linguistics an exacting place to engage with the scientific study of language.

Linguistics can be studied as a major or as individual units in any undergraduate degree at UWA. Our Level 1 units, Language and Communication and Language as a Cognitive System are an excellent introduction to the range of topics addressed in Linguistics which include: language, culture and society, grammatical theory, phonetics and phonology, historical linguistics, linguistic typology, and semantics.


Through our honours program, students have the opportunity to extend their knowledge of the discipline, and to develop their research skills on a topic of special interest to them.

The linguistics Honours program enables you to explore an area of your choice in more depth by developing a research project addressing some aspect of it. Coursework units will introduce you to research methods and give you the opportunity to broaden your knowledge of linguistics in different areas.


Staff in the Linguistics discipline group have supervised a large number of students on a range of topics and we encourage new students to apply.

Career Opportunities

A major in Linguistics provides a foundation for any career that involves language or languages, human social organisation and culture, or the human mind. In addition to research careers, graduates go on to hold careers in language teaching, speech therapy, journalism and broadcasting, translation and interpreting, Indigenous education and support work and information technology, among others.

Research Areas

  • Sociolinguistics/Language Variation and Change
  • Historical Linguistics
  • Meaning in Language: Semantics and Pragmatics
  • Bilingualism and Bidialectalism
  • Languages in Australia: Australian English, Australian Indigenous Languages, Kriol, Aboriginal English
  • Romance Languages

Seminar Series

Looking to learn more about Linguistics or find out what our staff and students are up to? Head down to our seminar series and expand your knowledge.

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Our Staff

Assoc Prof Marie-Eve Ritz

Discipline Chair
Research Expertise:

semantics; pragmantics; tense-aspect-modality

Luisa Miceli

Research Expertise:

historical and evolutionary linguistics; bilingualism; cognitive processing and language production; Australian Indigenous languages

Dr Maïa Ponsonnet

Research Expertise:

Australian Indigenous language; expressivity and emotions in language; language in a global context

Dr Celeste Rodriguez Louro

Research Expertise:

language in society; language variation and change; Australian and Aboriginal English

Our Current Postgrads

Sana Bharadwaj

language variation and change in Indian English in Australia

Amy Budrikis

Recipient of Faculty Teaching Fellowship 2018

revitalization of Indigenous Australian languages

Stephanie Hiraishi

Linguistics and psychometrics

David Moore

Linguistics of Central Australian languages

Hoda Nawar

cross culture/linguistic variations in student argumentative essays

Sophie Richard

sociolinguistic analysis of tense/aspect variation in Australian English narratives

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