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Anthropology and Sociology

Are you fascinated by society and human experience? With Anthropology and Sociology at UWA, you will explore many exciting themes as you seek to better understand people and the societies in which they live and work.


An undergraduate major with us will prepare you for a career across many fields and educate you for responsible global citizenship

This major covers the study of the cultures, institutions, social behaviours, economies and systems of meaning of all human societies. As a student you'll investigate cultural theories and a range of studies on behaviours and beliefs that are used to explore the great diversity of past and present human societies.


Our honours programme provides entry into the wider postgraduate community and provides the opportunity for intensive and sustained research that can include field experience.

Considered the basic qualification for work in this field, Honours in Anthropology and Sociology at UWA includes two theory units and two methodology units of coursework as well as a research thesis where students choose and follow through a supervised research topic of their choice.


Our staff supervise a wide range of projects in Australia as well as international regions extending from Africa, through Asia, and extending into the Pacific and the Antarctic.

Career Opportunities

Anthropology and Sociology lay the foundations for careers in a variety of fields, such as education, social welfare, policy, law, development, foreign aid, environmental problem solving and assessment, and employment relating to indigenous communities in Australia and overseas. Graduates find employment with governments, private organisations, non-governmental organisations (NGOs), and not-for-profit organisations.

Research Themes:

  • Education and Social Policy
  • Environmental Conflicts
  • Gender, Class, Family and Community Studies
  • Media, Visual Anthropology, Technology and Society
  • Migration, Mobilities and Transnationalism
  • Social and Political Development
  • Social Equity and Justice

Seminar Series

Looking to learn more about Anthropology and Sociology or find out what our staff and students are up? Head down to our seminar series and expand your knowledge.

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Our Staff

Dr Greg Acciaioli

Discipline Chair
Research Expertise:

environmental anthropology; global Indigeneity; statelessness

Prof Loretta Baldassar

Research Expertise:

migrant and transnational families; ageing and new media; youth mobilities

Dr Rosa Brandhorst

Research Expertise:

migrant and transnational families; ageing and new media; qualitative methods

Assoc Prof Martin Forsey

Research Expertise:


Assoc Prof Farida Fozdar

Research Expertise:

racism/anti-racism, immigration, nationalism/cosmopolitanism

Assoc Prof Katie Glaskin

Research Expertise:

Indigenous Australia; legal and psychological anthropology; art and aesthetics

Dr Glenn Savage

Research Expertise:

sociology of education; education policy; policy mobilities

Assoc Prof Richard Vokes

Research Expertise:

Anthropology and Sociology

Our Current Postgrads

Raisa Akifeva

cultural transmission among Russian-speaking communities in Spain and Australia

Akram Azimi

experiences of and contestations over Australia's transforming political economy

Buddhi Chaudhary

Indigenous knowledge for climate resilient agriculture

Petra Elias

cross cultural identity from white Australian-Javanese marriage

Jasmin Korte

public and policy debates regarding remote Aboriginal communities in Western Australia

Ashleigh Haw

community discourses on media representations of asylum seekers

Charmaine Lim

politics of belonging as an overseas Filipino in Australia

Sally Robertson

neuroanthropological study of sensory and visceral experience in fibromyalgia

Sheryl Sialis-Makara

how young people make it work in Papua New Guinea

Tine Suartina

legal pluralism in Indonesia

Muhammad Syukri

participatory governance and poverty reduction in Indonesia

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