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Teaching and Learning

Master of Social Research

Become a researcher and solve the world's problems

Master of Asian Studies

Asia is home to four of Australia's five major trading partners, and boasts some of the oldest and most vibrant cultures in the world. Learn how to make the most of it.

Master of Heritage Studies

Specialist heritage expertise is required by many sectors - meet your research needs and increase your professional experience with a Master at UWA

The School of Social Sciences at UWA is a hub for engagement in the Indo-Pacific region through innovative research and transformative education. Uniquely located between the desert, city and the sea, we forge critical understandings of our local, regional and global communities.

Undergraduate Majors


Anthropology & Sociology

Honours encourages independent critical thinking, and teaches you to investigate social questions empirically.

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Archaeologists trained at UWA contribute to research, documentation, and preservation of archaeological heritage in Australia and globally.

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Asian Studies

Asian Studies honours students gain in-depth research and critical thinking skill in a non-Western context.

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Communication and Media Studies

Honours develops your understanding of the field and your capacity to contribute to this field.

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Honours trains you to undertake research in order to create new knowledge in specialised sub-areas of this field

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Political Science & International Relations

Honours provides an opportunity to study in greater depth and scope than in possible in undergraduate years.

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Postgraduate Study

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