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The discipline group of archaeology at UWA offers the most comprehensive and substantial opportunities to study archaeology at Undergraduate and postgraduate (Honours, Master of Professional Archaeology, and PhD) level in Western Australia. Teaching and learning activities are well supported by the full range of national and international research activities of discipline staff, which greatly enhances student experience. The discipline group of archaeology has actively taken up the opportunity presented by the New Courses at UWA to completely re-design its major sequence. The latter’s aim is to teach students ‘to think like an archaeologist’ and to provide a range of opportunities to learn about current developments in archaeological theory and practice.

For a full list of Archaeology Units, Undergraduate, Honours and Postgraduate click here

Undergraduate Units

The archaeology major sequence is structured to proceed from broad introductory units over thematic units (e.g. on current topics such as rock art, colonization and contact) to more specialized ones on the study of regional issues (e.g. Australian Indigenous or Asian archaeology).

Honours in Archaeology at UWA

For information on the Honours program in Archaeology at UWA click here.

Postgraduate Coursework in Archaeology

Postgraduate Coursework in Heritage Studies (NEW 2015)

Postgraduate Research programs (MA & PhD)

For information on undertaking and applying for  a postgraduate research program in Archaeology please click here

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