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The Honours program in Linguistics is intended to

  • extend your knowledge of linguistic theory and methods
  • pursue a specific interest in the discipline in the research thesis
  • provide research training in Linguistics, as preparation for future research, including in a PhD or Masters by Research
  • provide general training in research practices, including design, methods, analysis, and communication.


The Honours course consists of four seminar units (6 points each), normally two per semester:
  • LING4101 Research in Linguistics
  • LING4102 Language Description and Documentation
  • LING4103 Methods in Sociolinguistic Research
  • LING4104 Advanced Topics in Semantics and Pragmatics

Honours dissertation (two units of 12 points each: LING4140 and LING4141)


In summary, to be eligible for Honours in Linguistics you need:

  • a major in Linguistics
  • an average mark of at least 70 per cent in the Level 3 units of the Linguistics major


Planning your major for Honours

If you are thinking about doing honours in the future, you will need to take the availability of units into account. It is preferable to commence your Honours program at the start of the academic year, but a mid-year start is also possible.

If you have any queries about your major, please contact the discipline chair.

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You will need to negotiate a topic and supervisor. In the first instance, this should be discussed with the discipline chair.

If you are still unsure, staff can suggest potential topics. 

  • A formal written proposal developed in consultation with your supervisor is due around week eight of the first semester of your Honours program. The unit information will give you the exact date.
  • The dissertation, of 12,000-15,000 words, is due on the last teaching day of the second semester of your Honours program.
  • All copies of the dissertation must include a declaration coversheet
  • Students are also required to give a formal presentation on their dissertation topic towards the end of second semester. This presentation forms part of the assessment of the dissertation.

There will be two examiners, neither of which can be your supervisor. Students must submit an electronic copy for archive purposes, and are required to submit two hardcopies of the dissertation for examination. It is usual courtesy to also provide a hardcopy of the final thesis to your supervisor.

Further details of the dissertation process can be obtained from the discipline chair.