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Arthur Lovekin Prize for Excellence in Journalism 2018

The University of Western Australia is now inviting applications for the Arthur Lovekin Prize for Excellence in Journalism for 2018.

Established in 1928 with a donation to the University by the Hon. Arthur Lovekin - journalist, newspaper editor and owner - the award is available annually for the best contribution published in an Australian newspaper or periodical produced, published or circulated in Western Australia.

Like Sir John Winthrop Hackett, a key figure in the founding of UWA, Lovekin was a substantial benefactor to Perth and a crusader for development. Both Hackett and Lovekin were newspaper editors and proprietors. Lovekin Drive, which was built in King's Park, is named after him. Lovekin was second President of the Kings Park Board and the man responsible for the initiation of the Honour Avenues.

During the late 1920s many universities in Australia were undertaking experiments in collaborating with journalists and newspaper proprietors. This was in response to the desire for journalists to professionalise their craft. But also represented a joint interest in ‘forming public opinion’ and a desire to gain a perspective on the ‘flood of facts'.  According to journalism historian Clem Lloyd, extension classes for journalists were offered at UWA as early as 1919, with the strong support of figures such as Walter Murdoch, John Curtin and the Australian Journalism Association. These extension classes were later formalised into a diploma course. The original diploma course was one academic subject a year for four years. The Lovekin Prize embodies this spirit of collaboration between the West Australian press, the university, and the Australian Journalism Association, today the Media Entertainment and Arts Alliance.

From the Australian Dictionary of Biography and Clem Lloyd, Profession: Journalist.

Application deadline: Monday 13 August 2018

Eligibility Criteria:
  1. The prize is open to Western Australian members of the Media, Entertainment and Arts Alliance (Australian Journalists’ Association section) and undergraduate and postgraduate students of The University of Western Australia.
  2. Entries for the 2018 award must have been published during the year 1 July 2017 to 30 June 2018, except in the case of a continuing story which covers a connected series of events, provided that the story started before 30 June 2017 and was completed not later than 15 July 2018.
  3. Each candidate may submit up to three entries for consideration, but the judges will consider only one of these in making the award.
  4. Entries must be submitted online no later than Monday 13 August 2018.

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